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Allan Arbus

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on April 24, 2013

Years ago, a psychiatrist friend of mine were going to small theatre and we ran into “Dr. Freedman” from M*A*S*H*, and with great enthusiasm said “we are psychiatrists too.” It took a few minutes for us to realize the absurdity of our comment, and yet, we felt so comfortable with him, as a colleague. He was gentle with us, but, of course, we felt foolish. All these years later, Alan Alda is quoted as saying a similar sentiment about the late Allan Arbus. Moreover, to learn today that he was married to the talented, but tragic, Diane Arbus, is all the more riveting. I imagine his sensitivity was innate, making him a great actor, photographer, and, in my mind, a great listener, as well. It is so rare that my profession is portrayed well in the media. Thank you, Allan Arbus.

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