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E-Prescribing: Finally!!

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on December 18, 2020

Well, with lucky 21 coming, 2021, that is, I have decided to finally adopt electronic prescribing. This will be a huge convenience for myself and my patients. So, why have I waited this long? Simple. I am/was afraid of hacking. I felt comfortable knowing that only I could write my prescriptions. Now, I am at the mercy of electronics. So, why am I switching? Simple again. Pharmacies and patients expect electronic transfer and so I am accepting the times that we live in. I am now a member of this paperless world where I so hope that there will be no mishap from my side or from the side of the pharmacy. You guessed it though. I am not throwing away my paper scripts.

3 Responses to “E-Prescribing: Finally!!”

  1. Glad to hear that you are moving into the 21st century. But what are you doing to prevent hacking? As you say yourself, you are at the mercy of electronics, and you are simply accepting the times that we live in. It seems so easy to forge electronic prescribing or hack anything electronic…or at least it does on tv.

    • I am relying on my application which I purchased to provide electronic security. Yes, all electronics are subject to hacking, so it is an inherent risk, which I am being forced to take by the pharmacies and the insurance companies. On the benefit side, the convenience, especially in the time of COVID, means less trips to the pharmacy and so that is very helpful. Thanks, as always.

  2. Ben said

    DrVollmer you posted several years ago about issue of feeling “stupid “ that had something to do with childhood or abuse etc. I’m not sure what year it was do you happen to know that post ? Thanks

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