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Allan Arbus

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on April 24, 2013

Years ago, a psychiatrist friend of mine were going to small theatre and we ran into “Dr. Freedman” from M*A*S*H*, and with great enthusiasm said “we are psychiatrists too.” It took a few minutes for us to realize the absurdity of our comment, and yet, we felt so comfortable with him, as a colleague. He was gentle with us, but, of course, we felt foolish. All these years later, Alan Alda is quoted as saying a similar sentiment about the late Allan Arbus. Moreover, to learn today that he was married to the talented, but tragic, Diane Arbus, is all the more riveting. I imagine his sensitivity was innate, making him a great actor, photographer, and, in my mind, a great listener, as well. It is so rare that my profession is portrayed well in the media. Thank you, Allan Arbus.

One Response to “Allan Arbus”

  1. Danny said

    MAsh re runs are still pretty good ! and the character of this shrink was a nice addition !!

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