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Turning 30

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on October 31, 2011

Nina is about to turn 30. She is happily married with two small kids and she enjoys her job as an engineer, but turning thirty is “stressing me out,” she reports. “What about turning thirty stresses you out?” I ask, wondering what thirty means to her. “I feel like I am losing my looks. I used to get a lot of attention and I notice that it is fading away. I used to flirt with men, innocently, of course, but now that is getting harder and harder. Mostly, I feel like I am entering into a new phase of life and I am not ready for that.” Nina reports, not in an unhappy way, but in a scared way. “You sound anxious, but also a little excited that this next phase might bring some surprises.” I say, pointing out the feeling in the room that the road ahead may deviate from her past road, but that could be good and bad. “I just don’t know what to expect,” Nina says in a youthful and somewhat calmer tone. “That’s the fun part,” I say, highlighting the adventure of life, but still recognizing and acknowledging her fear of the unknown. In the end, we laugh with each other. “Birthdays can be hard,” I say. “You got that right,” she quickly responds.


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