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Posted by Dr. Vollmer on August 11, 2010

Rita Zeytounian August 11 at 7:12am
Dear Dr. Vollmer,
I hope you are doing fine.
I read the New York Times article that you have posted through your facebook page before even putting it on your website. I find it very interesting. As captivated as I am with psychology and as a frequent reader of psychology articles, I always wondered about how much therapy is enough. I have a “Michelangelo effect” perspective to therapy just like I do of friendships that bring out the best in us. The article you posted reveals a different side of psychotherapy, a side both clients and therapists should reflect upon. It is like a manual every client has to read before getting into therapy. It is just like you mentioned in your blog named “Community Psychoanalysis” that every person should study well his/her choices and alternatives in choosing a therapist and must have enough knowledge about what it has to offer. In “Blogging Private Practice” you had mentioned your thoughts about blogging. All that you mention really satisfies my curiosity concerning the field. It also makes me aware of the benefits, rewards and setbacks of therapy should I or any of my loved ones be needing it in the future. It gives me the perspective of a professional in the matter. Knowledge is indeed power and you are supplying us with ample knowledge to put up a good fight against what comes our way.
If you want my personal opinion, I am and will be a supporter of your blogs for the reasons I already mentioned. I hope you keep on doing what you are doing.
My best and Godspeed!

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