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Should I have a podcast?

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on February 8, 2020

That is my question. How does this work? What will I call it? What is the content?


1. Ask Dr. Shirah?

2. Medication questions?

3. Psychiatry…good news and bad news

4. Mental health care disparities…what to do?

I have a lot to say. Maybe it is about time I say it?

Shirah speaks! I like that!

Something to think about.

Thank you Shelly…for being the first person to suggest this.

wow….love being challenged!

stay tuned!



2 Responses to “Should I have a podcast?”

  1. Shelly Tannenbaum said

    Other podcasts that I listen to have a variety of subjects. All of the above are on them. In general, you come up with a different topic for each podcast: “Medications for anxiety,” “What is anxiety?” “Treating bipolar disorder,” “Family dynamics in anorexia treatment,” etc. Every once in awhile you ask your listeners to send in questions and you could answer those questions in a podcast. You are the boss and can do whatever style you want! My least favorite of all the podcasts is when they have guests on the shows because then it just turns into talk radio and I don’t learn anything. I love to learn, and I’m sure your listeners will too. You can do it, Shirah! I have faith in you!

  2. Shirah Vollmer said

    Thanks, me loads to think about.

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