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Professional Update

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on November 14, 2019

My professional life is absorbed with educating clinicians about mental health, mental suffering, mental illness and various modalities of treatment for those who suffer. In addition, and most of my time, is spent face to face with patients, struggling with them as often as they want to, with difficult issues of guilt, shame, inhibition, as well as the disappointments one has with oneself and with loved ones. The purpose of this therapeutic pursuit is to create deeper authenticity and thereby increasing vitality and flexibility as life throws curve balls, time and time again. Through these various activities my professional life is woven together with the strong commitment to bring “old school” models of care, in-depth psychotherapy, combined with “new school” models which include psychopharmacology and neuromodulation technology. Listening to patients continues to be a lost art; one which I actively try to bring back to both primary care clinicians and to mental health clinicians. I sharpen my own listening tools on a daily basis, as my patients present me with new material which requires me to listen deeply and hear new themes as each day presents new therapeutic challenges. I could not teach if I did not treat patients and feel the front-line, and I could not treat patients if I did not continue to stimulate myself with creative ways to teach. In other words, teaching keeps my therapy skills alive, and therapy keeps my teaching skills alive. I am grateful for both opportunities.

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