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Let’s Talk Depression…A New Talk for Pri-Med

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on September 12, 2019



Pri-Med East

Boston, MA | December 4-7, 2019

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center


Wednesday, December 4, 2019
Thursday, December 5, 2019
Friday, December 6, 2019
Saturday, December 7, 2019

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

CME IconCME accredited session

Syllabus slides available for download

Session available On Demand

Ticketed Events

Add Ticketed Events to your itinerary as early as 8 weeks prior to the conference during registration or by logging into the Registration Resource Center. Ticketed Events include Industry Theaters, Clinical Training Programs, and Hands-On Workshops during session breaks.

7:30 AM – 7:45 AM

Welcome and Opening Remarks

CME Icon

7:45 AM – 8:45 AM

Let’s Talk About Depression: Recognition and Management

Speaker: Shirah Vollmer, MD


7:45 AM – 8:45 AM

Colon Cancer for Primary Care

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