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Posted by Dr. Vollmer on July 24, 2019

Hello Dear Readers,
I am checking in to see about suggestions for future blog topics.

I also want to mention that I have traveled the country giving talks about the evolution of psychiatry and one participant said “I am going to remember that you said there was a difference between mental suffering and mental illness.” I repeat that now in all of my lectures. We, as psychiatrists, have over-diagnosed children and adults with mental illness, thereby causing people to externalize rather than internalize their issues. They seek quick fixes as opposed to deep introspection and reflection. Our medications and our new neuromodulation devices have encouraged people to look for the next “fix” and although I think our tools are very helpful, I also think there is tremendous value in psychological growth and development.

I consider myself an ambassador for the “old school” of psychiatry where symptoms were put in historical context, while at the same time, being schooled in the new world of psychiatry which now includes Ketamine, intranasal, and machines including TMS, trans-cranial magnetic stimulation, and TNS-trigeminal nerve stimulation, and Cervella-a headset which is FDA approved for depression, insomnia and anxiety. Come hear me at Pri-Med, or come talk to me on my blog. Cheers!

4 Responses to “Checking In…”

  1. Shelly said

    Hi Shirah, I’ve missed your blog posts. I don’t recall a blog about the difference between mental suffering and mental illness. Maybe I’d better go back and check. Also, a piece on the uses of Ketamine and intranasal (isn’t that a whole set of medications given intranasally?) and machines would be great! Are these given routinely for use in mood disorders? Perhaps a piece on group therapy might be interesting as well.

  2. Shirah Vollmer MD said

    Thank you, Shelly……I have not blogged about mental suffering vs. mental illness but I should. Additionally…in the lineup will be Ketamine (Spravato), Zulresso (for postpartum depression), along with machines such as Cervella, TMS, and TNS. Group therapy is also a good idea…and I will think about that. Stay tuned and thanks again

  3. Mark said

    Keep go back to blogging about solid psychoanalytic topics as you used to do several years ago ( time passes fast 😦 in this agitated crazy world that’s something stable.

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