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Psychiatry In Transition

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on September 1, 2016



Many people ask me whether I exaggerate the issues in my profession, so I am always glad to read works from psychiatrists who have similar concerns. In this article, Nathaniel Morris MD, a psychiatry resident at Stanford outlines similar concerns of how we sabotaged ourselves by getting greedy with regards to “medication management” and in so doing we have lost the trust of our patients. Can we turn ourselves around, he ponders. I hope so, because if we don’t we will get folded into Neurology, and the curiosity about the unconscious might get lost in the profession.

2 Responses to “Psychiatry In Transition”

  1. Shelly said

    Interesting blog Dr. Morris writes. I think he got it right when I think about it: the fact that there is so much stigma about medical illness indeed rubs off on the profession itself. That’s why psychiatry is so stigmatized. On the other hand, I wouldn’t think that psychiatry in Beverly Hills or in CA would have that label. I would think that it would be a given and everyone has their own therapist. It was a “thing.” Everywhere else it’s a bad thing but in CA it’s “cool.” But I know your rant is for the profession at large and you aren’t speaking about yourself personally.

    • Yes, indeed, Shelly. There are pockets in which therapy by psychiatrists is seen as a means of psychological growth, but by and large, psychiatrists are seen as pill-mills, and as such, I feel very sad for the future of my profession, if indeed, it does not change course. Thanks, as always.

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