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Why Be A Patient?

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on April 18, 2016

2 Responses to “Why Be A Patient?”

  1. essemdee said

    Wow! That kept me spellbound for the whole 9 minutes. What a brilliant condensation of everything that runs through a client’s mind, and what great questions to ask. Yesterday, my sister asked me if I was still seeing my psychotherapist after three and a half years. When I said yes, she frowned and said “Well, does he have you on a program or anything? Don’t you think he should be making sure that you get over whatever your problems are.” By now I know the answer is no, but I also know better than to try to explain why I go and why my visits mean so much to me. I’m going to send her the link to the video. Maybe it will help her understand. If nothing else, the artwork is worth the time. Thanks, Shirah. I always learn something when I stop in here.

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