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UCLA Medical Alumni Highlights Yours Truly

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on December 3, 2015


6 Responses to “UCLA Medical Alumni Highlights Yours Truly”

  1. Jon said

    Way cool. Way to go….

  2. Eleanor said

    Congratulations Shirah….informative and interesting article about your work! As a photographic artist I’m always interested in the connections with one’s unconscious and how it is manifested in their artwork…I would love to hear you do some blog posting on this topic….how does medication change one’s artistic expression, and especially the changes, if any, that occur during or after psychodynamic psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. Most, if not all, of the artists I know find their work incredibly therapeutic .

    • Hi Eleanor,
      Thank you for your comment. As this is holiday time, I find myself at social gatherings with many artists who express the same sentiment. Art is not a “profession” but a “calling” for many who feel an internal pressure to express their psychic experience. I resonate with these artists, as it is hard to communicate fantasies and desires without sounding mentally ill or frightening others. My experience is that psychotropic medications can both facilitate and inhibit creative expression, and hence close monitoring of the impact of medication is critical to treatment. To sound cliche, each person is unique in how medications impact their expressive side. Thanks again and happy holidays!

  3. Shelly said

    Yay, Shir!

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