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Psychoanalysis: What Is That?

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on November 19, 2014


“Clinical psychoanalysis is most fundamentally about people and their difficulties in living, about a relationship that is committed to deeper self-understanding, a richer sense of personal meaning and a greater degree of freedom.” Stephen Mitchell


“If treatment as written seems so discursive and intellectual and neat and cool, perhaps treatment as it happens really works on the basis of what every psychotherapist feels daily: personal push and pull; nameless, theory-less, shapeless, swarming interaction.” Lawrence Friedman



One Response to “Psychoanalysis: What Is That?”

  1. Shelly said

    So is the difference between psychiatrists and all types of other “therapists” that psychiatrists offer clinical psychoanalysis, that is a deeper self-understanding, whereas the other therapies don’t?

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