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Announcing…..My New Twitter Life!!!! @svollmer

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on October 20, 2014


After a long hiatus, with much time to think, I have decided not just to return to blogging, but to add onto  my media presence by also tweeting. As with this blog, tweeting now represents to me an experiment in mass (35 followers) communication. I would like to use it to point to interesting news articles which relate to my point of view about the changing nature of psychiatry, in particular, and medicine, in general. In my next post, I will specifically comment on the Ebola virus and how I see it as a prime example of how the practice of medicine is changing, and in this particular instance, leading to some scary times. I have long avoided twitter as I had thought that it was redundant to this blog, but now I hope to expand my voice by using it to supplement, and not repeat my ideas. Out of media darkness comes a flurry of media activities, perhaps in a bipolar way, but hopefully with thought and concern for public information, while at the same time, maintaining the foundation of my work, privacy. Do I hope to get more followers? Sure. Do I know that to get more followers I would need a supplementary media angle such as a book, a speaker series or a new health care application? Yes, I know that. Despite this knowledge, I charge on. Putting my narcissism, my ego, on the line, fodder for commentary, judgment and affirmation. I assume civility in social media, perhaps naïvely. Wish me luck.

3 Responses to “Announcing…..My New Twitter Life!!!! @svollmer”

  1. Jon said


  2. Shelly said

    Love it! Looking forward to your tweets. How interesting that you joined the ranks of others who use the word “bipolar” as an adverb and not to mean it in its usual context–with reference to mental illness. How do you suppose, using Twitter, you will be able to maintain any semblance of privacy?

    • Hi Shelly,
      First of all, I have you to thank for my new twitter life. You have been telling me to do it for years. I am slow on the uptake. Second, yes, I thought about the use of that word and it seemed appropriate to express, what feels to me, to be a dramatic change from internet blackout to blogging and tweeting. I plan to use twitter to highlight news reports which I find relevant to my professional life. I see it like an “editors pick” . As such, no privacy issues should arise. Thanks.

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