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Introducing My Twitter Button!

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on March 21, 2014

Extending my range. You will notice at the end of my posts, you may now post to twitter. I know that not all of you are tweeters, but for those of you who are, check it out. I am debating how active I want to be on twitter, so this is my first step into that microblogging world. As with all change, I have both excitement and fear. So far, civilized discourse has dominated my experience of blogging, much to my relief. I can express my ideas, however clumsily, and a discussion can ensue. Now, I am reaching further. I have a Facebook button too! Let’s see what happens.

3 Responses to “Introducing My Twitter Button!”

  1. Shelly said

    Does this mean that your posts are automatically posted to Twitter and I just need to Retweet, or do I Tweet them? Same with Facebook…Do you have a professional Facebook page?

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