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Childhood In 2014

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on January 10, 2014

3 Responses to “Childhood In 2014”

  1. Eleanor said

    Psychoanalyst George Vaillant M.D. in his book Aging Well, says one way to stay healthy as we get older is to maintain a sense of humor. While I try to find humor when possible this is one subject….children and scheduling….that I find no humor in. I see children these days that are so over scheduled they have no chance of “getting to know themselves”….they seen to be defined by what activity or what group they are in. There is no play time, no what I call “self time”, and certainly no time to exercise their own imagination. Basically there seems to be no time to just be “children”. I recently had a conversation with a physician friend of mine about her children and this subject of scheduling and her answer was to give each child one choice for whatever out of school activity they were most interested in doing. That’s it…the rest of the time they made their own “play”. I liked that idea…wish more parents would follow suit.

    • Thank you, Eleanor. I agree! Maybe if we use humor, like in the cartoon above, change can happen.

      • Eleanor said

        Yes Shirah, I agree, humor definitely lessens the tendency toward defensiveness and helps make the case for less over scheduling. I wish there were more organized efforts to help educate parents early on, regarding the downside of children being pushed to fast and too hard in so many varied out of school activities. More help and education for parents to learn “balance” for their children….

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