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Should I Tweet?

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on June 17, 2013

“You should tweet,” a colleague tells me. “Why?” I ask. “People wonder what you think,” she says. Do I want to be an internet personality? I ask myself. What is the difference between my blog and tweeting? Yes, I know that tweeting is “microblogging” and so they are different beasts, but do I have something to say in a limited number of characters? I suppose I could try tweeting and see what happens. I did not think I would post four days a week, but as it turns out. I do. I often do not know what I want to say until I sit down and say it. Before I started blogging, I could not imagine the pleasure in having a forum in which I could express ideas which have buzzed around in my head for over two decades. Indeed, there is often a sense of relief after I post. I have written something that I have wanted to express for so many years, but I had no audience. Now, the thought of my audience inspires me to discharge thoughts, agonies and concerns regarding the state of psychiatry, medicine, and psychoanalysis. So, how does tweeting add-on to this mission? I could comment on mental health tragedies that hit the news. I would enjoy that. My mind thinks in tweets, so I like the limitation in characters. On the other hand, would this blog suffer if I added tweeting to my working life? Maybe. I am surprised how much energy goes into posting, such that tweeting would also be consuming, despite the brief nature of the result. As we all know, it sometimes takes longer to be brief. Then, there is the issue of my narcissism. How will I feel if I have few followers? Do I want to subject myself to unpopularity? I think I can handle that. This blog has taught me that there is pleasure in writing, even if only one person reads it. As a person who came of age before the internet, few followers still amaze me, so my bar is low. Have I reached a conclusion? Nope. It is summer and so I will give myself time to contemplate.

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New Yorker Entry: Our Future

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on June 17, 2013

I am telling you that only those with technical degrees will be able to get anywhere. 

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