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Internet Problems

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on June 13, 2013

7:20 pm and I am finally getting a chance to post today. Many of my readers might have lost hope. I am trying to post Monday-Thursday, with an occasional Friday post. Today, though, was a larger issue. WordPress, my blog host, did not want to load on to my server. So, is this a problem with  WordPress or a problem with my server or both? I call my computer consultant, and, as if I don’t know how this conversation goes, he says, “that’s a good question.” Regardless, I want the system to work, and although I am new to this technology, I somehow feel victimized when it does not work. “Why me?” I want to say, but refrain, since I know this is not a personal matter. Will my readers really be disappointed if I don’t post today? Will they understand that I tried and failed because I had a “loading” problem. My email was working, so I was not completely shut down, which only seemed to make matters worse, since I kept hoping that with enough persistence, WordPress would load. Well, I was wrong. Apparently, my internet is sensitive to how many users are active at any given time, such that at high usage periods, such as from 11-4, my internet grinds to a crawl and WordPress seems to be quite sensitive to this slow down. My email, apparently, has a thicker skin. I cannot help but give human attributes to my tools, since I am struggling for a way to understand my dependency and subsequent disappointment when the tools do not work, as I think they should. I want my car to start in the morning. I want to be able to turn my lights on and I want to be able to load WordPress on to my server. Yet, in actual fact, I am still trying to understand what a “server” actually means, beyond the fact that I need one to get the electronic juices going. Now, I am past the high usage time, and my life has returned to what I have come to feel as “normal”. Maybe I am now sentenced to only post before 11 or after 4. Or, maybe I have to re-tool my internet provider, such that I have more reliability. All I know is that with new technology comes new excitements and new disappointments. I still get excited to think that I can jot down my thoughts and that folks, both known and unknown, can read them at their leisure. At the same time, I get frustrated when I can’t communicate in this way. What once seemed like a dream, is now simply, an expectation. Adapt or die is the motto. Adapting to “down time” is part of that survival strategy. I need to work on that.

8 Responses to “Internet Problems”

  1. Merna said

    I’m curious, Shirah. What would you have posted about today if all had gone smoothly earlier and the problem posting wasn’t your subject matter?

    • Hi Merna,
      Here is my list that circulates in my mind….but most of the time, I don’t know what I am going to write until I sit down and feel surprised as to what pops in….

      Monte and Marla returns

      Oxycontin abuse

      Sibling Rivalry

      The Meaning Of A Book Group

      Launching Into Adulthood: The Meaning of Graduation

      Should I Tweet? Expanding My Internet Presence (Ironic since I had internet issues)

      Families of the Mentally Ill: What about them?

      More On DSM 5: Mental Retardation is now Intellectual Disability (ID)…I find the abbreviation interesting…

      Any suggestions?

  2. Jon said

    In addition to Merna’s good question, I offer up a word that comes from the wonderful A.Word.A.Day Website. It seems apropos.

    resistentialism (ri-zis-TEN-shul-iz-um) noun

    The theory that inanimate objects demonstrate hostile behavior against us.

    [Coined by humorist Paul Jennings as a blend of the Latin res (thing)
    + French resister (to resist) + existentialism (a kind of philosophy).]

  3. Ashana M said

    The sense of victimization comes from an assumption that it is our right to expect things to work the way we want them to. And, in a sense, it is. You pay for internet service. WordPress is free, but signing up implies certain promises. You will behave yourself, and WordPress will work. Your right to control has been violated.

    But then we really aren’t in control of so many aspects of our lives. The sense that we are in control is mostly an illusion. Things work the way we expect them to, but not really because of anything to do with us. I think it’s healthy to be reminded of our relative powerlessness periodically. It keeps us from thinking we don’t need to just deal with it sometimes.

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