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Internet Problems

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on June 13, 2013

7:20 pm and I am finally getting a chance to post today. Many of my readers might have lost hope. I am trying to post Monday-Thursday, with an occasional Friday post. Today, though, was a larger issue. WordPress, my blog host, did not want to load on to my server. So, is this a problem with  WordPress or a problem with my server or both? I call my computer consultant, and, as if I don’t know how this conversation goes, he says, “that’s a good question.” Regardless, I want the system to work, and although I am new to this technology, I somehow feel victimized when it does not work. “Why me?” I want to say, but refrain, since I know this is not a personal matter. Will my readers really be disappointed if I don’t post today? Will they understand that I tried and failed because I had a “loading” problem. My email was working, so I was not completely shut down, which only seemed to make matters worse, since I kept hoping that with enough persistence, WordPress would load. Well, I was wrong. Apparently, my internet is sensitive to how many users are active at any given time, such that at high usage periods, such as from 11-4, my internet grinds to a crawl and WordPress seems to be quite sensitive to this slow down. My email, apparently, has a thicker skin. I cannot help but give human attributes to my tools, since I am struggling for a way to understand my dependency and subsequent disappointment when the tools do not work, as I think they should. I want my car to start in the morning. I want to be able to turn my lights on and I want to be able to load WordPress on to my server. Yet, in actual fact, I am still trying to understand what a “server” actually means, beyond the fact that I need one to get the electronic juices going. Now, I am past the high usage time, and my life has returned to what I have come to feel as “normal”. Maybe I am now sentenced to only post before 11 or after 4. Or, maybe I have to re-tool my internet provider, such that I have more reliability. All I know is that with new technology comes new excitements and new disappointments. I still get excited to think that I can jot down my thoughts and that folks, both known and unknown, can read them at their leisure. At the same time, I get frustrated when I can’t communicate in this way. What once seemed like a dream, is now simply, an expectation. Adapt or die is the motto. Adapting to “down time” is part of that survival strategy. I need to work on that.

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