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Focusing The Patient’s Attention

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on February 20, 2013

One of the goals of analytic work is to extend the province of the ego, and more specifically, to make the patient more aware of his distortions. With Lynda, from my previous post, with her unrelenting selflessness, I could say “you are determined to do for others and then resent your friends for not appreciating ¬†you.” The words “you are determined” changes her from a victim to the author of her own experience. In this new narrative, she is now able to contemplate that this dynamic which she resents is of her own creation, and hence subject to change. These simple words, “you are determined” is the basis for therapeutic intervention which empowers the patient to take more control over his life. So, I am off to teach these concepts. This will be my last class for these ten engaged and enthusiastic students. I will miss them, as teaching is one way I express my agency, my desire to do what makes me happy.

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