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Where In The World?

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on April 20, 2012

All Time

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 9,416
Canada FlagCanada 725
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 692
Australia FlagAustralia 533
India FlagIndia 415
Israel FlagIsrael 284
Philippines FlagPhilippines 235
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 151
Turkey FlagTurkey 148
Ireland FlagIreland 137
Portugal FlagPortugal 111
Brazil FlagBrazil 94
Germany FlagGermany 94
Indonesia FlagIndonesia 91
Mexico FlagMexico 87
Greece FlagGreece 82
Malaysia FlagMalaysia 73
Singapore FlagSingapore 64
Pakistan FlagPakistan 61
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 58
Slovenia Flag

5 Responses to “Where In The World?”

  1. Shelly said

    Yay, I’m in 6th place!

  2. Danny said

    Is this the mumber of viewers of this blog from each country ?

    • Danny said

      Ops typo , number .

      • Hi Danny,
        Around February, 2012, wordpress began tracking viewers by country, so I am posting the number of viewers since that time. I wish they would give the numbers as a percentage of people who live in that country, but maybe I have to wait a few months or years for that to happen. Thanks.

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