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Most Popular Tag: Child Psychiatry

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on April 13, 2012

  • Most popular topics you’ve written about…..See below….Wordpress web analytics tells me that my most popular tag is Child Psychiatry and I am trying to understand that. Do more people search the web trying to understand their children than trying to understand themselves? Do I write better about Child Psychiatry than I do on other topics? Are there fewer blogs on child psychiatry, making mine more “popular”? Any ideas?
Topic Views
Child Psychiatry 522
Families 454
Psychotherapy 415
Child Psychotherapy 357
Musings 306
Psychoanalysis 246
Relationships 146
Parenting 142
Movie Review 124
ADHD 111 

4 Responses to “Most Popular Tag: Child Psychiatry”

  1. Lisa said

    I oftentimes search the Internet for information relating to issues with my children and with me. Yes, more often for their issues than mine. My children outnumber me four to one. Regarding your posts, they are equally well written (adults versus children) 🙂

    • Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for the feedback. I certainly understand the passion to understand one’s children, and maybe, just maybe, that also feeds the passion to understand one’s self. Thanks Again.

  2. Jon said

    To answer your question, we must have more data. What are the numbers of posts that you have written for each of the listed Topics? A normalized (i.e. number of views divided by number of posts) number of views might help us gain some insight. For example, do you write more about one topic than another?

    • Oh Jon, I can rely on you to add some linear thinking to this issue. Thank you. Of course, you are right on that maybe, without my knowing it, I tend to write more or tag more Child Psychiatry posts.I will look into that. The denominator is key here. Thanks for reminding me about the major point in such a gentle way.

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