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Inertia and Denial: The Case for Psychoanalysis

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on March 22, 2012


“Why did you want me to come more often?” Harold, forty-two, asks me after working with me for ten years. Inertia and denial,” I responded quickly. “When I see you less often, you lapse into old patterns of unconscious living, so the more we can focus the light on the issues, the more we can battle the forces of both inertia and denial.” I repeat. As Freud taught us, the mind is tug of war between wanting to grow and develop and wanting to maintain the status quo, maintain our current defense system. This to and fro of the mind creates a need for what Kohut called “working through,” meaning the necessary repetition of looking at how one’s behaviors and judgments messes with their own enjoyment of their lives. The “internal saboteur,” and yet another term for describing how so often the individual is their own worst enemy. The more intensely one can focus on internal conflicts, the more likely a healthy resolution can happen. This is a simple concept. Almost anything, when done repetitively and consistently will improve: tennis, hiking, yoga are all examples of this. So, psychotherapy fits in to this paradigm as well.

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