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Success or Failure?

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on March 21, 2012

Socializing and meeting new people is always stimulating, but being a psychotherapist/psychiatrist/psychoanalyst, meeting new people can sometimes cause startle and deep reflection. “Oh, Shirah Vollmer, I know you, you treated me and my wife twenty years ago,” Raul says, causing me to startle. ” Did I help?” I ask, slightly scared of the answer, but curious at the same time. “Well, that depends on who you ask,” Raul says. “My wife thought you were brutal, but I really appreciated your courage to tell her that she was part of the problem. She did not want to hear that, so we did not come back, but I have always appreciated you for that.” Raul says, as another person enters into our conversation. I realize instantly that I cannot continue this dialogue. There is still patient/doctor confidentiality, even though Raul brought it up in a public setting. I am left to wondering if Raul is still married to that wife. What exactly did I say to her? Would I have said that now that I have twenty-two years of experience? Raul was happy to meet me, but at the same time, his affect was rather flat. He did not seem as frustrated as I was that the conversation got side-tracked. A Los Angeles experience, I say to myself. We live in a big city where chance encounters are grist for great stories, except my stories are private, left to my fictionalizing them on these posts. I want to think that in twenty-two years of working with people that my tact and timing has improved; that I have grown in my incisiveness. How much of that thought is wishful thinking and how much of that is a reasonable response to the seasoning that occurs with time? I am not sure. I have no closure, only interesting and mesmerizing thoughts.

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