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Adolescence: The Dawn of Reproduction

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on January 26, 2012

 Moses Laufer says that the key to understanding adolescence is to have a deep appreciation for the ability to make a human being, the ability to reproduce. This dawning creates anxiety and hope which shapes the adolescent mind, he claims. Willow, age twenty-four, has never had a serious relationship and she cannot figure out why. Mr. Laufer would say that she is afraid of the sexual demands in such a relationship and the threat of reproduction. He has an interesting point. As an alcoholic cannot have the first drink, otherwise he/she will get drunk, it is possible that Willow avoids the threat of having a baby by avoiding relationships all together. It does make sense that the appreciation of one’s reproductive potential creates, for some, unbearable anxiety. As one moves through the train of adolescence, and one feels egocentric, the threat of being responsible for another human being can be seen as a challenge to one’s developmentally appropriate selfishness. How one deals with this potential says a lot about personality and personality development. I am sure there are many reasons for Willow’s loneliness. Now, Mr. Laufer has added one that I did not consider before. Thanks.

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