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Psychoanalysis Lives: Diane Keaton Says So

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on November 30, 2011

Then Again

  The Hammer Museum offered up Diane Keaton last night, live. She was there! I saw her. Now, I did not see her speak, but I heard her speak in the overflow room and then I saw her at the book signing, which by the way, I have not read the  book yet, or maybe I never will. Still, it was exciting to see her, watch her movie clips and listen to her enthusiasm, about of all things, psychoanalysis. “I love to hear myself talk,” she said, in a sweet self-deprecating way. She went on to say that she appreciates all of her psychoanalysts. For a minute, I thought she merged with Woody Allen. In her remarkably open way, she talked about never being married, adopting two children after fifty, and wrestling with her relationship with her now deceased mom. My favorite part was her describing her own aging process, not in terms of the physical aging, but the mental aging of looking at your life and realizing that you came to places that you used to be so critical about. She seemed surprised she never married and equally surprised that she started a family late in life. In the Q and A she was asked about putting her career first, and she responded so sweetly by saying “not smart, huh.” I can only guess the role her analysts played in her mental existence but my strong hunch is that through her multiple analyses she developed a narrative which made her life make sense to her and this allowed her to share it with others in the form of her movies and in this current book. Thanks, Hammer. Good job!

2 Responses to “Psychoanalysis Lives: Diane Keaton Says So”

  1. Danny said

    Inspirational story!

  2. Shirah said

    Thanks, Danny.

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