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‘The Descendants’ Descended Quickly

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on November 21, 2011

    Loving someone who hurt you, a stale tale, told poorly in this movie ‘The Descendants’. Sure, I was excited to see George Clooney play a family man. Sure, I like movies with obnoxious teenage children. I thought, going in, there was no way that I could not enjoy this experience. I was wrong. I found the movie to be shallow and uninteresting. Perhaps it was meant to be a vehicle for George Clooney to show his softer side. If so, it failed. His acting was poor and predictable. The writing was uninspired. On the only positive side, the scenery was beautiful. We should all be so lucky as to be betrayed in such a beautiful setting. It is hard to feel for people as they go through their work day in flip-flops and Hawaiian shirts, but I understand that is the island way. Still, the show of affluence, along with the leisure that often goes along with that was a bit hard to take. By that I mean,  that although the story is set within tragedy, the screen shows a large home, the ease of dropping everything to go and explore another island, and expensive private schools. This show of affluence seems to create a feeling of freedom, making one lose sight of the impending loss. The movie seems to miss its own point; relationships are complicated and they dominate mental existence. Yet, I walked away not feeling sad or thoughtful, but annoyed that I spent two hours on eye candy and nothing else.

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