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Zoloft Magic

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on October 28, 2011

Carol, seven years old, was easily aggravated. She worried about middle school even though it was four years away. She worried her parents would die, even though they were both healthy. She worried about being upstairs in her house alone, even though she had lived in the same house for her entire life. She worried when she was separated from her mom, be it at school or at a friend’s birthday party.  Carol tried play therapy and behavioral therapy. She enjoyed both experiences, but she still had her worries. As a last resort, Carol and her parents came to me. After much deliberation, we decided to give Zoloft a try. Both parents had histories of anxiety and both parents had positive responses to SSRIs in the past. Carol started on Zoloft and within a week, she was more “fun to be around,” according to Carol’s mom. Separation was no longer a problem. Carol reported that her worries “went away”. Carol had no side effects, only the positive benefit of not worrying all the time. Success-at least, for now.

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