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‘I Thought You Were Going To Yell At Me’

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on October 18, 2011

 Luke,,cheerfully tells me the tale of his weekend. “Multiple hook-ups” he says. By that he means that he “made out” with many girls, most of whom, he met for the first time. I look at him, but I stay silent. It feels like he is waiting for me to talk about how his life is unsatisfying because he avoids deep relationships. We have talked about this many times, but this time, I know that he knows what I would say if I were to speak. Concluding the session, he looks at me with deep curiosity. “I thought you were going to yell at me,” he says, almost as if he is disappointed that he did not get his maternal fix. “I did not have to say anything because you already know how your behavior leads you to feeling empty inside,” I say, agreeing with him that I did not engage in my typical way of challenging his social decision-making. “Well, I know, but it was a fun weekend,” Luke says somewhat defensively and somewhat wistful that I changed our pattern. “Maybe I did not engage with you as I usually do because you can see for yourself how your relationships lead you down an emotional path which thus far has been unsatisfying.” I say, trying to slightly alter our dynamic in which our sessions become confessions. Luke leaves looking very confused, still cheerful.

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