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Comin’ Back

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on June 29, 2011

   “Where have you been?” “That man with the hat has been up there too long.” Those are two of the many flattering comments I received while I took my hiatus. The truth of the matter is that I cannot really answer why I took a break, nor can I answer why I am coming back. I continue with my same tension. I want to describe the human struggles through a fictionalized version of my patient encounters, while at the same time, maintaining deep respect for the confidential relationship. This struggle continues to perplex me in ways that gets more intense as time passes along. Patient stories, even though I  fictionalized them, are deeply personal experiences. They cannot leave my office, since the personal price to my patient, would be massive. The bedrock of my work, privacy, is the foundation on which we build trust and respect. At the same time, so much of what I hear are universal issues about relationships, be they spouses, friends, children, siblings or parents. These issues lend themselves to a general audience without revealing personal, or private, information. The internet allows me to cast these stories around the world, which sometimes, not often, open up a world-wide conversation which feels to me to be both helpful and interesting. The surprise of these “conversations” inspires me to continue  to walk this very narrow path between sharing conflicts, while guarding privacy. I thank my readers for encouraging me to return. I am excited to be back.

7 Responses to “Comin’ Back”

  1. Jon said

    Welcome back. As you know, you were much missed. We, your reading public, need your insights. It is good that you are back in a place where you can share them with us once more. Again, welcome back.

  2. G2 said

    Welcome Back Shirah [whoops at misspelling your name earlier]. I think ‘other’ people are selfish if they do not like what they read. I think it takes a courageous person to want to share stories/lessons about their craft. I respect the compassion that you show to your work and the fact that you want to share it with others. I get that these stories aren’t exactly truth, but its representative of the many issues that practionners and patients can benefit from. I cannot imagine the challenges of a therapist, but I respect its profession. Some therapist are called to be teachers, mentors, coaches, writers– you are exercising your gifts. Writing/reading is a form of healing for me– in my opinion, I stay informed and comtemplative when I read literature. It’s good to take breaks, so no hard feelings here. Looking forward to reading future posts.

  3. mimi lind said

    great to have you back!!!

  4. Shelly said

    Yay, you’re back! Like everyone else, I’ve been waiting a long time. I’m sure it’s scarey to your patients to think that you’re writing about them specifically and that each post you write about could be about their particular problem or ordeal. But their issues and traumas are universal to all of us and what you post about benefits us all too. I personally learn so much from your blog and thank you for sharing your insights and experience with us, your readers.

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