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Monte and Marla:The Drama Returns

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on February 25, 2011

  Monte returns to Marla,, partly for that sense of continuity, partly for a strong desire for rapprochement, partly because Monte’s therapist took ill. Monte craves for some affirmations, some loving feelings and some mentorship. Marla craves admiration. Predictably, there was an emotional collision. Monte suddenly was confronted with Marla’s insensitivity to his struggles in his practice. Likewise, Marla was suddenly confronted with her angry feelings, stemming from not feeling appreciated. Yet, both acknowledged that there were good feelings between them and that the relationship, however one might characterize this atypical union, is worth maintaining. Monte expresses his disappointment in her. Marla expresses her inability to tolerate his disappointment in her. At the end, they set up another meeting. Both parties are confused. Yes, both are therapists/psychoanalysts with a lot of clinical experience. Some relationships defy explanation.

4 Responses to “Monte and Marla:The Drama Returns”

  1. John said

    “Predictably, there was an emotional collision.” One of your best lines ever! Especially after the setup, his needs and hers, etc. Well said.

  2. Shelly said

    How could Monte ever hope to get professional help from Marla? Theirs wasn’t a professional relationship by this point, it was personal. Wouldn’t Monte be better served by finding another therapist? Yes, it would be awkward at first, but in the long run, it would be helpful.

    • Shirah said

      Monte is not necessarily looking for professional help. His relationship with Marla is personal, although it started out as professional. Monte knows that Marla can’t help him, but Monte wants to maintain the connection. In so doing, trouble ensues. Yes, Monte wants help, and yes, Marla is not the one to turn to, but Monte goes down that path anyway. He knows better, but he listens to his heart and not his head.

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