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Time Warp

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on November 2, 2010

    Alessia suffered from what the Douglas and Barbara Schave termed a “time warp”.  She would get massively upset and then say “that was yesterday! It doesn’t matter anymore!” This inability to link events or situations, the inability to see how her behavior would leave lasting emotional wreckage in her mother Bayla, corresponds to the egocentrism of early adolescence. As a result of this time warp, life events remain isolated and disconnected. Without a connection of events, Alessia  assumes that others are to blame for her misfortunes.  In other words, she uses primitive defenses of disavowal,  denial and projection so that she can  have a fresh start without feelings of guilt or shame. Bayla experiences these primitive defenses and concludes that Alessia is uncaring, uncooperative and defiant. Understanding and explaining: that is my job. Bayla, although hurt by Alessia’s behavior, slowly develops more patience. “You have given me things to think about,” Bayla says, heavy-hearted, as she leaves.

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