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Teaching Teachers

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on October 17, 2010

    Marcia Goin MD said that when psychiatric supervisors get together and talk about their teaching experiences, their student evaluations improve. Michael Balint MD found that when primary care physicians meet regularly to talk about their difficult patients, physicians experience more enjoyment in their work. The Soldiers Project, a volunteer therapy organization, works by having the therapists meet on a regular basis to share experience. Twelve-step programs help people heal by forming a fellowship where individuals can share their stories, without shame or judgment. The thread is clear. People do better when they can confess their sins; when they can talk about how they messed up. Carrying around guilt and shame leads to defenses which students, patients, and individuals have to spend a great deal of negative energy in order to cope with these bad feelings. Feelings shared are often feelings released. Releasing feelings frees the person to do the job that they are good at doing. Removing negative self-statements removes some of the obstacles to good performance. Further, belonging to a fellowship inspires folks to do the best job they can; the fellowship creates a greater sense of their impact on the world, a greater bang for their buck. Groups, when formed with consistency and meaning, are agents of change. Like children on the playground, sometimes it is just more fun to make a circle and hold hands, and not play alone.

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