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Posted by Dr. Vollmer on October 7, 2010

     Do I need my land line? Do I need a smartphone? How is our new digital world changing my access to my patients? What are the expectations about my availability? Have they changed with technology that allows instant communication? I have had my office land line for twenty years, same phone number. I have electronic voicemail, which when I started my practice was a new invention. Many of my senior colleagues at that time used answering services. I remember thinking how out of date they were. Now, I think of myself as out of date, as I am still attached to my land line. I am reluctant to switch over to a cell phone for all of my activities. Yet, many of my younger colleagues are doing this and in so doing, a new standard of availability might be evolving in my field. As I think about this, I begin to see how attached I am to the idea that there is a phone in my office; a phone which stays in my office. I feel that the land line creates a clear demarcation between work and leisure. I am also attached to my phone number-a symbol of my professional endeavor. Having said that, I know that it is only a matter of time until I dive into the smartphone world and cut the ties to my land line. The expectation that I will have continuous access to messages is beginning to seem reasonable to me.  I think that it is time to adapt to a new method of information flow. Change is coming,

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