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Binge Eating: A Disorder? More DSM-5 Troubles

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on May 11, 2010

     Binge Eating Disorder is likely to hit DSM-5. Once again, psychiatry has lost its’ way. Since when does a symptom become a diagnosis? To say that binge-eating is a disorder is like saying a headache is a disorder. A headache, like binge-eating is a symptom of underlying distress in which the physician must explore the underlying cause. Is it a brain tumor? The sinuses? Stress? Neck problems? A migraine? The symptom of the headache is the jumping off point to curiosity and exploration. Binge eating is the same thing. Is it anxiety? Is it sexual discomfort? Is it depression? Is it bad habits? By making binge eating a “disorder” psychiatrists are discouraging the discovery of the person’s interior life.  HELP!

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