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My Audience

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on January 28, 2010

    Many people ask me who is the audience for my blog. My internal reaction is one of utter distress. I want to scream and say “I don’t know and don’t ask me”. However, I realize that this is the most important question for me to answer and as such, I am grateful for the inquiry. Over the past two and a half months, I have dwelled on that question,  getting stomach pains as the thought bubbles up in my mind. Today, the answer to the question is that I would like to target this blog to those who are curious about how I think about my work. I want to continue to take vignettes, based on real experiences in my office, and describe how these tales have deeper meaning, both for the person telling the story and for me personally. I want to talk about struggle and personal growth. I want to talk about the doctor-patient relationship, and in particular, I want to talk about how that relationship can help with the struggle. I want to weave in the role of psychotropic medications, when that comes into play. I want to expand my work beyond my office such that my friends, my past patients, my current patients,  my future patients, and those interested in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis,  can get to know how I conceptualize my work.  My hope is that these blogs will be illuminating and thought provoking. I also hope that, at times, my readers will experience some comfort in reading these posts in that the themes of human suffering are universal, and understanding the underpinnings of an emotional struggle can occasionally make it feel better. 

      I consider this blogging exercise to be an experiment. I want to see what happens. If, as I noted in my earlier blog entitled “Blogging: Changing Course,” I feel that my blog causes harm, then I will once again review this hobby. Of course, my concern is that by the time I see the harm it has done, the world of the internet will have created far too much exposure  for me to quickly fix the problem. As a result, I am mindful of the power of the internet, and I will try to be very careful with my subject. Once again, I rely on my readers to keep me in check. As I said, I am interested in the doctor-patient relationship. This blog has  made me also interested in the blogger-reader relationship, but writing about that relationship is for another time. Suffice it to say, my readers are very important to me. Thank you for being my audience.

9 Responses to “My Audience”

  1. Rita said

    Dear Shirah,
    I am a 27 year old citizen of the Middle Eastern country of Lebanon. I very much enjoy reading your blogs and I do not think they violate the doctor-patient code of secrecy. I like the subjects that you cover, how you describe to us the hidden world of your thoughts and feelings, your oppenness, the rhetorical questions that you ask,…
    I am a very curious person and the major area of my interest is human thoughts and behavior. Although I am a law graduate, but how and why people think the way they do really interests me. I am very pleased that you satiate my curiosity and wait eagerly for your daily blogs. So please, do not stop writing and keep the flame of knowledge and understanding ever so burning. I want youto know that I am a part of your audience.

    Godspeed with your work!

  2. Hi Rita,
    Wow! Thank you so much for your comments.

  3. Judy said

    Your highly unusual willingness to share your thoughts so honestly and openly is nothing short of brave. Thank you!

  4. Shelly said


    Your blogs are right on and you express yourself elegantly and thoughtfully. I think you describe your experiences in terms that we laymen can understand. You have accomplished the goals you have set out for your readers (in this blog). Please keep writing. We all learn so much!

  5. Judy and Shelly,
    Thanks. Twenty years of doing this has propelled me into a certain kind of honesty. I am glad that you appreciate that.

  6. mimi said

    Shirah – Bravo! Couragous and brilliant…

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