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Techie Changes

Posted by Dr. Vollmer on January 24, 2010

We just completed moving from Serendipity to WordPress, hopefully everything went successfully.

Unfortunately, it will appear that all of the previous blogs have created at once — oh well.  The software package has changed, the contents and the address will remain the same. To repeat, the URL of this blog will remain

In the language of committee meetings, here is the ACTION ITEM. If you tried to come to the blog via RSS, you will probably need to reestablish the RSS connection. If you have links directly to blog content, you will need to reestablish those links.

In the short-term, I am on a blogging break. Please stay tuned. As always, I welcome your comments.

One Response to “Techie Changes”

  1. Shirah said

    I really don’t understand how your vignettes are threatening patient privacy…clinical vignettes have been the standard for learning and training since Freud, and it’s extremely common in books, journal articles, and the like for all medical and psychological professions. What gives in your case?

    As someone who also writes vignettes, I would be interested to know anything you find out about privacy and legality as you navigate this whole thing.

    From: Zachary Taylor
    User Email:

    In response to Zach…Thank you for your comments. I am not sure why your comments did not make it on to my new blog host, but I will look into that. I think my CIO (chief information officer) might have warned me about this, but I will double check.
    I am not sure I understand it either. My “patients” on my blog are fictional, but many of my “real” patients have read them and they have had very strong reactions. Some are concerned that I am talking about them. Others, feel like I am helping them a lot, since in between sessions they read my blog and they experience relief. Still, others read my blog, feel that I am talking about them, and then they become more agitated.
    So, in terms of ethics or legality, I am not clear what the issues are.
    However, in terms of my private practice, the emotional impact on my patients is something that concerns me deeply. Again, the impact is both positive and negative. Still, I am not sure that the negative impact is acceptable, even though there could be substantial benefit. Does this answer your question?

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